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Kline Interactive is a leading digital marketing agency that offers creative web solutions to a wide-range of world-class clients while delivering trackable results.

The goal of our work is not only to help grow each client’s business, but also to build brand affinity through expertly-crafted and targeted digital engagement. That aim was applied to the following select projects.

Web Design & Development

Banner Ads

Email Campaigns

Our services provide a seamless balance between aesthetics and fluid function that produces astounding results.

Online Strategy & Web Design

At Kline Interactive, we're not just about creating websites that are "cool," we create sites that look great and achieve success. That's why every project begins with a defined process that leads to a strategy document with prioritized goals for the short and long-term success of the website.

What does it take to meet the goals set forth in the strategy document? Great execution! Design that communicates effectively can turn a so-so website into a conversion machine. Our creative process allows us to understand the type of reaction we want people to have when they view a site and then direct them toward "key" pages where goals are achieved.

We've delivered everything from small lead generating landing pages to 60,000 page websites. Some projects had large marketing budgets and others started small and grew with the client's business.

The general services we offer:

  • Online Marketing (SEO and PPC)
  • Custom Website Design & Development
  • Web-Based Promotions & Applications
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Banner Ad Design

Search Engine Marketing

Okay, you've got a great looking website and you're waiting around for people to show up...don't hold your breath. Search engines won't just show your website in the top spot because you think you should be there. You have to be strategic and proactive to generate qualified traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

At Kline Interactive, we’ve engrossed ourselves with all the nerdiness of algorithms, keyword research and meta data. Our process includes in-depth keyword research that allows us to not only identify words that bring in the most traffic, but words that convert. We've been helping clients rank high and stay there for years and it's truly the most valuable service we provide in terms of delivering a long-term and sustainable return on investment.

Get in front of your target audience with:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Targeted Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Locally Optimized Search Results

Goal Tracking and Analytics

Years ago, expensive website tracking software was not in the budget for many small projects and only our large clients were able to access information that allowed them to track their online results.

Luckily, Google purchased one of the best (and most expensive) systems on the market and made it FREE. Google Analytics is now the most widely used website tracking software in the world and allows for us to delve into seemingly endless data.

We combine the power of Google Analytics with other widely respected keyword and information tracking softwares to provide our clients with reports that are easy to read and understand. We also provide expert analysis of this information and outline priority tasks for the following report period.

If you're only as good as the things you know, our clients must be pretty good.


Kline Interactive is a leading digital agency in pursuit of advancing the web. We are motivated by the ideas that are still to be discovered, explored, and shared.

When the World Wide Web was still an unproven economic model, Adam Kline understood that even simple brochure style websites could be a game changer for many businesses. Adam then founded Kline Interactive and sought to evolve from simple sites to a platforms that are central to the marketing and operations of many industries.

A decade and a half later, our boutique firm has created high-performing digital experiences and online marketing strategies for a myriad of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local charities. Ten years of fanatically tinkering with the web translates to a fully optimized blend of time-tested knowledge and innovative strategies.

We’ve stayed true to our roots while staying nimble. Kline Interactive is staffed in a smart and efficient manner, allowing us to take on various projects with great ease and effectiveness. There aren’t big egos here – only honest and passionate people that truly aim to do their best.

Our culture, process and experience give us the ability to deliver each client’s results at an unprecedented value without ever having to sacrifice quality.


We work with large clients that have big names:

And small clients that have big ideas:


And educators that inspire big thoughts:


You’re only as good as the things you know. That’s why our interactive firm provides you with the unique tools to access detailed reports for immediate evaluation on the fly.

Website and Email Reports

Project Management


Mobile Reporting Access

Our clients have access to website reports while on the go using their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.


Don’t be shy, drop us a line! We’d be thrilled to discuss your needs and give you a better idea of what it’s like working with Kline Interactive.

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